Helpful Apps

Using technology to teach and practice Mindfulness & Meditation.


Free or unlimited use of 10 progressive lessons (additional content available for a fee).


Free for unlimited use of 7 mindfulness sessions, 1 minute - 8 hours of timed sessions,
2 - 30 minutes of "Calm" and 3 - 3- minute "Body Scan." (additional content available for a fee)

Stop, Breathe & Think

Free for unlimited use of 15 meditations (additional content available for a fee). Contains some
different meditations such as Gratitude, Cause & Effect and Mindful Walking. Good explanation of
how mindfulness works and very user friendly.

Mindfulness Coach

Free for unlimited use. Developed by VA for use with PTSD and provides:

  • Education about the benefits of mindfulness
  • Mindfulness exercises to practice on your own or with guidance
  • Strategies to help overcome challenges to mindfulness practice
  • Log of mindfulness exercises to track your progress
  • Reminders to support your mindfulness practice

PTSD COACH ONLINE is invaluable resource that can be found by going to

Smiling Mind

Free for unlimited use of all content. Meditations for different ages available. Choice to do Pre &
Post Evaluation of each exercise. Also has education, sport, and corporate programs available.

Mindfully Me

Free for unlimited use of 2 meditations (10 minute "Mindfulness of the Breath" and 15 minute "Body Scan.")

Guided Mind

Free for unlimited use of some meditations (Additional content available for a fee). This is a
compilation of many different meditations led by different guides. Go to home page of and click on "Free Relaxation Downloads" for access to many
resources available online.

Stress Free Now Meditations for Healers and Stress Free Now

Free for unlimited use of all 12 (for healers) or 8 (for clients) meditations. Meditations have a
short print explanation and lovely screen imagery accompanying the audio. Developed by the
Cleveland CLinic Wellness Enterprise. Visit their website for many additional health related

OMG I Can Meditate

Free for unlimited use of a "7 Day Challenge," some mediations for children, teens, couples
and families. A little difficult to navigate and most content carries a fee.

Mindfulness Daily

Free for unlimited use of 7 guided imageries, 5 timed silences and other related "talks" on
relevant subjects including several very good TED talks.

My Awareness Coach

Simple affirmation (yours or apps) reminder on the schedule you set. $3.99 for unlimited use.

Grand Ideas for Within Counselor Edition

Free unlimited used (on website) of two sample lessons and six Random Mindful Moments
(short mindfulness exercises with lovely screen imagery accompanying the audio). $199 for
17 research-based, pre-recorded Mindfulness/Mental Health sessions with accompanying
session plan, work sheets, CD of Favorite lessons (which can be coped and given to clients)
and a calming music CD.

Program allows counselor to take an individual or group through exercises which teach stress
reduction, breathwork, body and sensory awareness, internal strength, self-esteem building,
controlling emotions, empathy, adaptability, responsibility, open-mindedness, self-direction
and goal setting.

Health Journeys

This site has a comprehensive selection of professional and well-researched guided imagery
for mind, body & spirit from some of the best practitioners around. Recordings are available as
CDs or electronic downloads. There are no free resources, however you may "sample" any CD
prior to purchase. Great resource for anxiety, depression, PTSD. Health Journeys also offers a
"Professionals Program" which offers discounts and benefits to professional wishing to use
or market their products.